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The GoodGiving Challenge is back online to raise money for local nonprofits

GoodGiving Challenge

Friday is the final day of the 13th annual Good-Giving Challenge. Organizers said the campaign aims to bring awareness to local nonprofits in the commonwealth and make giving back easy and fun. This year over 190 nonprofits are participating.

Lauren Parsons is the Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications for Bluegrass Community Foundation, one of the organizers of the challenge. She said the challenge provides a platform and the proper fundraising tools to smaller and newer nonprofits.

“We’ve seen especially with smaller nonprofits, we’ve heard that sometimes they raise their entire, you know, following year's operating budget just in these, you know four days of giving, so it has a really big impact,” said Parsons.

The event provides participating nonprofits with toolkits, training sessions, outreach support, mass media coverage, social media coverage, and an individualized website to help ensure success for each organization.

Parsons added that donors can visit the good-giving website and browse through the different nonprofits.

“You can filter by county, you can filter by service area, 'cause I know some people you know, they’re passionate about a certain thing. Whether that’s the environment or animals or education. So, they can really drill down in that information and find organizations you know close to home that do whatever kind of work they’re looking for,” said Parsons.

Gifts given through the good-giving website are boosted through sponsored matching incentives and prizes. All donations are tax-deductible and irrevocable. People can donate to a nonprofit of their choosing by visiting the GoodGiving challenge website.