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Fleming County randomly selected for post-election audit


Fleming County has once again been randomly selected for a post-election audit. The clerk’s office was last audited in 2020. Officials said everything was found to be in order and they expect the same result this year.

Fleming County Clerk Jarrod Fritz said auditors from the Attorney General’s office don’t just rely on paperwork to check that elections are fair.

“They actually call some poll workers and ask them questions. They call a certain amount of voters that received absentees or ballots by mail and question them, make sure that they were the person that did receive the ballot and all that type of thing. So, it typically takes about thirty days, and I don’t foresee any issues,” said Fritz.

Fritz said he and his staff think these audits are an essential part of election management in the Commonwealth.

“I think it’s a good thing, our clerk’s association actually pushed for legislation that would add more counties to the audit. In the past they only drew I believe it was six counties, now it’s 12, and I think it’s just a part of transparency,” said Fritz.

After every election the Attorney General’s Office selects 12 Kentucky counties to undergo an election audit to ensure election integrity across the state. Officials said selected counties are removed from consideration the year after they experience an audit, but all other counties are in the running.