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Frigid temps in the forecast, Morehead officials open warming center

Samantha Morrill

The Morehead Police Department announced on Facebook that their community room would operate as a warming center through Tuesday night. Temperatures were forecast to remain below freezing overnight, with an expected windchill as low as 15 degrees.

Morehead Chief of Police Derek Blevins said anyone who needs emergency shelter from the cold is welcome to make use of the center.

“There’s a little bit of a cold spell here over the next couple nights. I know City Hall received some phone calls asking if, you know, if we had anything in place if somebody needed to warm up,” said Blevins.

Chief Blevins said, in the future, the department will proactively assess potential severe weather which will trigger the opening of the warming center.

“This is a new facility, so this is our first winter in this new building. So, this is something new. This is kind of the purpose of that room. The mayor wanted an area that the community could use for various things, so that’s one of the purposes of that room,” said Blevins.

Forecasters predict temperatures will climb back into the 40s midday Wednesday.

The MPD is located at 309 West Main Street. For more information, call 606-784-7511.