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Documentary to celebrate long-running eastern Kentucky band

David W.Clements
Courtesy of Exile

Kentucky Educational Television (KET) is calling upon country music fans to contribute to the state’s living history.

Exile, known for their extensive country and soft rock catalog, released its first number-one billboard hit Kiss You All Over in 1978. The five-piece band has continued to release music and perform nationwide for the last 60 years. Kentucky Educational Television is producing a one-hour documentary on the group’s inception and success, slated for release in March of 2024.

Tom Thurman is a producer at KET. He said the story of Exile is difficult to fit into a single hour, and the group has left a lasting impact on eastern and central Kentucky.

“Central Kentucky kind of looks at Exile as their band. There’s a lot of pride that people in this area have had in what this band has accomplished over the six decades they’ve been in existence,” said Thurman.

The group released its newest original album, A Million Miles Later, in August. Thurman said through the decades, Exile has kept the excitement flowing, which KET aims to reflect in the feature.

“They’re not resting on their laurels. They’re very energized by this new album of original material they have that’s just been recently released. And when you go see their shows, you see an hour and a half of very, very professional, tightly constructed, beautifully presented songs,” said Thurman.

Producers are asking the public to submit their photos, home videos, and memorabilia of Exile for use in the documentary. Thurman said he has learned the most priceless materials may be hidden in a fan’s closet or shoebox.

“It allows for viewers, people out there in the state and beyond, in a way to participate in the film and to contribute to it. And so, an exciting thing for me is I have no idea what exists out there,” said Thurman. “Of course, I’ve been gathering photographs and other materials myself, but the band’s been around so long, there’s got to be some really cool surprises out there.”

To submit relevant materials, contact kmueller@ket.org or call 502-234-0661.