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Rain and possible storms forecast to move into the area starting late Monday

National Weather Service Jackson

Rain is expected to begin moving into eastern Kentucky. Officials report some areas could see heavy rainfall and possibly storms.

According to the National Weather Service in Jackson, the first significant rain will be moving into the corridor west of I-75 between 10 and 11 Monday evening. All areas are expected to be receiving measurable rainfall by 4 a.m.

Anthony Richey is a Meteorologist with the NWS. He said this rain has the potential to be beneficial to the area.

“Generally, it looks like light to moderate rainfall across all of eastern Kentucky, we’re currently forecasting the high end of this looks like a little over an inch, not earth-shattering rainfall but it’s going to be a good, soaking rainfall event and the first one we’ve had in quite some time,” said Richey.

Rain is expected to continue until early Wednesday morning. Richey said it couldn’t have come at a better time, and should give firefighters battling fires in Kentucky a helping hand.

“It should put at least a little bit of a dent in the drought conditions we’ve been experiencing recently, and also help quell some of the wildfire issues we’ve been having around this part of the state in the last couple of weeks,” said Richey.

Richey said there is not much of a chance for flooding, since the ground is so dry it will likely soak up all the moisture, but there is a chance for some localized thunderstorms on Tuesday.

Additionally, anyone south of the Mountain Parkway is cautioned to be aware of strong wind conditions expected to accompany the rain system.