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Apartment fire Thursday night in Morehead displaces several people

Samantha Morrill

Officials report an apartment building caught fire sometime before 10 o’clock Thursday night in Morehead. Crews were then called to the Towne Place Apartments on First Street where a fire was working its way through the top of the building.

Matthew Carte lived in a unit on the bottom floor. He said the fire didn’t make it to his apartment, but the water crews used to battle the blaze did.

“They actually put a tarp over it, over the electronics and stuff. And they took all of our clothes out of the closet, most of our clothes, laid it down here and covered it with that tarp. So, the fire department helped us out on that, you know what I mean? But other than that, basically soaked, all this is soaked,” said Carte.

A local church group put affected tenants in hotels for the night. Carte said he and others now have to find a new place to live.

“I asked the landlord and he said that we needed to get our stuff and find another place to stay. That’s all he said. And the Red Cross said something along the lines they could help us out for three or four days and the Salvation Army is supposed try to help us find a place to stay. So, I don’t know,” said Carte.

The building suffered some damage on the right side, but officials said thankfully no injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is still under investigation as of Friday morning, though officials report it may have originated around some ventilation in the ceiling.