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Thanksgiving food drive aims to help Rowan County families

Kennealy Jenkins

For the first time, the Rowan County Fiscal Court has partnered with the Rowan County Detention Center, St. Claire Healthcare and Commonwealth Cooperage to conduct a countywide food drive.

County officials said the goal of the drive is to provide Thanksgiving dinner to 200 Rowan County families. Barrels have been placed at Walmart, Kroger, Allen’s IGA, and Save-a-Lot for community residents to drop off their donations of shelf-stable foods. At the end of the drive, the contents of the barrels will be collected and packaged for distribution.

Judge Executive Harry Clark said while he’s proud of the support the drive has received from the community, they’ve collected less than they expected. Clark said inflation may be playing a part.

“The need has increased considerably, from my observations in the county. You know, when you go to the grocery store now, it does cost a lot of money. You just can’t get out cheap,” he said. “It’s hard to go ahead and buy a couple cans of something else when you need it yourself.”

Clark said the biggest difference in the drive so far has been made by St. Claire Healthcare and Commonwealth Cooperage.

“With the generosity of St. Claire and the cooperage – with their contribution amount – the turkeys are not as expensive as we anticipated, so we’ll have some funds left from the turkey purchase,” he said. “So, whatever we come up short for the food items, we’re pretty confident we’re going to be able to fill those boxes.”

The Fiscal Court is also working in tandem with God’s Pantry Food Bank to provide food to families who need it most this Thanksgiving. Right now, the date for barrel collection is November 16, but Clark said they may extend those dates that community members are able to donate.