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Pasquale’s and Local Taco closed permanently in Morehead

Samantha Morrill

In Facebook posts on Monday, the owners of Pasquale’s Pizza and Pasta and The Local Taco announced that they would be permanently closed beginning October 30. The Local Taco opened in Spring of this year. Pasquale’s has been a staple of Morehead cuisine for decades but has seen some change in the last few years as ownership of the restaurant has changed hands.

Most recently, Pasquale’s was moved from its longtime location at 182 East Main Street two doors down to 178 East Main, and The Local Taco was set up in 182. What used to be the second dining room of Pasquale’s, technically 180 East Main Street, was closed to the public.

Jan Bishop owns all three buildings as well as the parking lots on either side and leased the locations to the owners of Pasquale’s and The Local Taco. She said the move to close both eateries was abrupt.

“Two partners that I leased to, one of them, the one that had control of Pasquale’s and Local Taco, texted or emailed their employees at 7 o’clock this morning and said, ‘we’re closing, don’t come to work,’” said Bishop.

Bishop said neither she nor anybody else was given advance notification of the closures, but it had apparently been planned for some time.

“Because they had sent a FedEx letter with employees that had already quit with their W2s for next year. So, they anticipated this, but they never told me,” said Bishop.

Bishop said she does not have any plans for the buildings, though she’s been approached over the years with different proposals.

“At this time it's really up in the air, what’s going to happen. But, they will not be back so, don’t anticipate Pasquale’s or Local Taco reopening. But, you never know, it could happen,” said Bishop.

The owners of Pasquale’s and Local Taco did not respond to a request for comment. However, in their Facebook posts, they thanked their staff and the community for its support.