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Elliott County Middle School unveils new multi-use commons area

Elliott County Middle School

For the first time, Elliott County Middle School students have a place to call their own. Late last month, students and school officials celebrated the grand opening of their new commons area.

Elliott County Middle School shares facilities with Elliott County High School and Elliott County Intermediate schools. Now, with the opening of ‘Middle Commons’, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students have a designated place to hold a variety of activities.

School officials said construction of the Middle Commons was possible thanks to a $35,000 grant from the Kentucky Division of Waste Management. The 3,600 square ft. outdoor common area has many new amenities like picnic tables with fiber glass umbrellas and padded flooring.

John Carter is a 7th grade social studies teacher who had a large role in seeing the commons become a reality. Carter said currently, the most exciting feature is a mini golf course.

“We have 12 holes in the golf course on the facility at this time. It is mobile, so we can pick those greens up and remove them so that 3,600 square feet of space is still versatile, can be used for other purposes,” said Carter.

Most immediately, plans were made to use the space for fall and winter dances. Carter said the possibilities for the Middle Commons are wide open.

“Maybe an outdoor band concert or we can do dramatic productions. We have a drama club for the first time and they want to do a production on the front lawn and in front of our space. So, got some pretty exciting things going on. Cheerleaders have used it, of course it is a padded surface, so they’ve used it for tumbling and stunting and things,” said Carter.

Carter said students have expressed hopes that the Middle Commons will be a place where kids can come together in a positive way and get to better know each other.