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Community Recycling Center receives grants to support equipment costs

Samantha Morrill

Officials at the Morehead-Rowan-MSU Community Recycling Center (MCRC) said a recent grant will help them increase efficiency. The money is being used to purchase several pieces of new equipment.

Officials said four new two-yard hippo hoppers will help crews move recycled material onto conveyor belts. The facility will also gain a shredder/baler combo, it’s the most expensive purchase at $150,000. Tyler Brown is the manager of the MCRC. He said the new shredder will help MCRC work more effectively.

“It’s definitely going to be more efficient as far as, like, whenever you go to like bale the shreds, it can be really dusty and it’s got like a dust collection system on it. So that’ll definitely be nice. And it takes up a lot less floor space, I mean, we’re not gonna have to be sitting on material waiting to get enough to make a bale,” said Brown.

Some of the equipment has already been delivered, but some is still on the way. Brown said he is hopeful they get all pieces installed before the holidays.

“Typically, it’s more busy around Christmas time and stuff. Everybody just buying and definitely after, the cardboard,” said Brown.

Not only does the grant go toward paying for new equipment, it supports efforts to help Rowan County residents safely dispose of household hazardous waste. Brown said the Recycling Center hosts a Household Hazardous Waste event once every year in July.

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