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MCTC diesel students to practice skills on donated modern engine

Maysville Community and Technical College

A high-power engine is being donated to the Maysville Community and Technical College by Link-Belt Cranes in Lexington.

Preston Netherly is the Program Coordinator for the Diesel Program. Netherly said he believes this donation will be a game changer for the program. MCTC has been working with Link-Belt Cranes for some time now.

“We’ve been sending students down there to work, we took the tour of their facility last year, and we’re starting to build a relationship with the diesel program where I can provide them well skilled technicians to work on their cranes and put them together,” said Netherly.

Netherly emphasized the nearly $44,000 engine is a great opportunity for students in the diesel program.

“It’ll allow my students to work on a brand-new modern engine. We’ll be able to keep up with the engines of today. This particular engine, it’ll go in various trucks and equipment, and you know, instead of my students training on engine that’s 5 years old and going out into the work force, they’ll be able to train on one that is brand new,” said Netherly.

The MCTC diesel program works on the spectrum of heavy equipment and offers students 13 different certificates, 3 different diplomas and an associate degree.