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Kentucky voter registration on the rise in June


The Office of Kentucky’s Secretary of State announced that voter registration was up for the month of June. However, the state’s voter removal was also on the rise.

In June over 10,000 new voters registered in Kentucky, marking the largest increase in voter registration since November 2022.

Officials said when June’s voter removals are taken to account, the number of registered voters stayed flat. Removals totaled 9,348 voters, including over 7,000 deceased, over 1,000 convicted felons, 734 who moved out of state, 306 voluntary removals, and 83 who were judged mentally incompetent.

The voter rolls only grew by 670, with republican registrants accounting 45.9 percent of voters and democrats accounting for 44.1 percent. The republican party saw a .13 percent increase in registration while democrats saw a .17 percent decrease. The remaining 10 percent of Kentucky’s voters are registered under other political parties.