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Elliott County Results

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Elliott County Voters said no to Amendment 1 and yes to Amendment 2 at the polls Tuesday.

If passed, Amendment 1 would give the state legislature the power to call themselves into session for a limited number of days per year. Elliott voters rejected the amendment 924 to 857.

The count was different for Amendment 2, with Elliott voting in favor, 1142 to 795. Amendment 2 will amend the Kentucky Constitution to say that nothing in the document may be construed to protect a right to abortion. A similar measure was rejected in Kansas in August.

Meanwhile, in the vote for United States Senator, Republican Incumbent Rand Paul beat Democratic nominee Charles Booker 1406 to 658.

In the 5th Congressional District for the US House, Incumbent Republican Harold “Hal” Rogers beat Democratic Nominee Conor Halbleib 1465 to 555.

In the State Representative race, Incumbent Republican Richard White won against Democratic nominee Kevin Anderson 1315 to 750.

Democratic candidate Adam Ison was the only individual running for the Elliott County Property Valuation Administrator. He received 1611 votes.

Democratic incumbent Myron Lewis was the only individual running for Elliott County Judge Executive. He received 1628 votes.

Democratic incumbent John D. Lewis Jr. was the only individual running for the Elliott County Attorney. He received 1615 votes.

Democratic incumbent Jennifer R. Carter was the only individual running for Elliott County Clerk. She received 1672 votes.

In the race for Elliott County Sheriff, Incumbent Democrat Ray Craft received 1402 votes, while Republican challenger Richard Skaggs received 703 votes.

Dustin Kelley was the only individual to run for Jailer, receiving 1633 votes.

Coroner Mark Lewis also ran unopposed, receiving 1584 votes.

In the 1st Magisterial District, Republican Johnda Weaver received 109 votes, while Democrat Emily Adkins received 167 votes. Republican Billy Conley ran unopposed for Constable, receiving 181 votes.

In the 2nd Magisterial District, Republican Michael Dickerson received 165 votes, while Democrat Rock Horton Jr. received 148 votes.

In the 3rd Magisterial district, Republican Incumbent Charles Whitt ran unopposed, receiving 234 votes.

In the 4th Magisterial district, Democratic Incumbent Brian Dillon ran unopposed, receiving 329 votes.

In the 5th Magisterial District, Republican Incumbent Chris Dickerson received 193 votes, while Democratic candidate Bobby Lewis received 111 votes.

In the 6th Magisterial District, Democratic Incumbent Dewey Smith ran unopposed, receiving 202 votes.

In the 7th Magisterial district, Democrat Darren Newell ran unopposed, receiving 196 votes. Donnie Howard ran unopposed for Constable, receiving 195 votes.

On the judicial ballot, Sarah Combs ran unopposed for the 7th Appellate District 1st division with votes. Larry Thompson was also unopposed in the 2nd Division with 1178 votes.

Rebecca K. Phillips had 1325 votes in her unopposed race in the 37th Judicial Circuit 1st division. Likewise, Jeniffer Barker Neice had 1347 votes in her unopposed race in the 37th judicial circuit 2nd division.

Rupert Wilhoit had 1403 votes in his unopposed race for District Judge of the 37th judicial district.

Robbie Adkins ran unopposed for Sandy Hook Mayor, receiving 136 votes.

Six individuals were chosen for seats on the Sandy Hook City Council.

Tara Griffith, Kim Carroll, Joe Montgomery, Andrea Wagoner, Diana Penix, and Cindy Redwine.

Cindy Redwine received the top votes in Tuesday’s race.

In the 3rd educational district for the Elliott County Board of Education, Aisha Roseberry ran unopposed, receiving 169 votes.

In the 4th educational district for the Elliott County Board of Education, Keith Mason received 323 votes, while Joshua McDaniels received 319 votes.

In the 5th educational district for the Elliott County Board of Education, Brent Sturgill received 329 votes, while Albert Mabry received 76 votes.