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Kentucky General Assembly Rejects Abortion Bills


Democrats in the Kentucky General Assembly voted along party lines today on Thursday (March 20) to reject three bills that would restrict access to abortions.

Two of the bills would require mandatory ultrasounds for women seeking abortions and penalize doctors who don’t comply with the law. The other would require women to meet in person with their doctor prior to obtaining an abortion.

Michael Janocik is with the Kentucky Right To Life Association. He says physicians already employ ultrasounds and talk with patients, so the measures only extend current practice.

"It happens already in every other area of medicine, so there’s nothing new or novel about requiring that physician to explain to the woman what the contents of her womb are since that is the subject of why she is there,” said Janocik.

Opponents say the measures are demeaning to women, and would have caused added hardship for those getting an abortion.

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