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Dr. James Ziliak show

Health Matters Radio Show
Health Matters Radio Show

#540 Show Summary (Dr. James Ziliak show):

Socioeconomic status and health are inseparably intertwined, with those living in poverty shortchanged, both on healthy lifestyle opportunities and access to medical care. Raised and educated in the Midwest, Dr. James Ziliak came to Lexington as the Carol Martin Endowed Chair in Microeconomics at the University of Kentucky, and the Founding Director Of the University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research. He is spent his career analyzing the determinants of poverty in places like Appalachia. Listen to his insights on this show.

Tip: The heartland the virus is a new condition with fever, muscle aches, and malaise, due to the Lone-Star tick. So far, all cases have been in outdoorsmen over age 50.


Dr. Ziliak on pockets of persistent poverty in the US

Dr. Ziliak in the April 30 New York Times

Dr. Ziliak

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