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Majority Leader McConnell Introduces Kentuckian at Judicial Nomination Hearing

Stephanie Penn, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today before members of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary in support of Justin Walker, of Louisville, President Trump’s nominee to serve as a district judge for the Western District of Kentucky:

“It’s a great pleasure to be here this morning to introduce a brilliant Kentuckian. President Trump made a wise choice in nominating Justin Walker to be a District Judge for the Western District of Kentucky.

“I would like to share with you how I first met him. His grandfather called me up and said, ‘My grandson is in high school and he’s doing a paper on the 1994 Republican sweep of Congress. Would you be willing to let him interview you?’ I hadn’t routinely done high school interviews, but I said, ‘Sure.’ He came in and asked a whole lot of incredibly insightful questions. When he finished I said, ‘How about sending me a copy of your paper, I’d like to read it.’ He did, and I did. It read like a PhD dissertation.

“He graduated from Duke University with distinction and went to Harvard Law School and graduated with distinction. He clerked for Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and for Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. This is unquestionably the most outstanding nomination that I’ve ever recommended to Presidents to serve on the bench in Kentucky. So it’s a particular pleasure to be here today on his behalf.

“I just mentioned the clerkships that he had at the highest level of the judiciary. During his Supreme Court clerkship, Forbes magazine recognized Justin as part of its ‘30 Under 30’ List for Law and Public Policy.

“Since he returned home to Kentucky and began teaching at the University of Louisville’s Brandeis Law School, Justin has worked hard to earn the trust of his colleagues and the respect of his students.

“This committee has received over a dozen letters, signed by more than 200 Kentuckians who have known Justin as a teacher, a colleague, and a friend. These letters share a common theme: Justin is a thoroughly impressive nominee with all the necessary qualifications to succeed on the federal bench.

“His fellow professors — including the dean of the law school — wrote that, ‘[h]is collegiality, dedication to others, and impressive intellect will be of great benefit to the federal bench.’ To his students, he’s a teacher, mentor, career coach, and a constant source of encouragement. Justin and his wife invite all of his students over for dinner at the start of their first year of law school. He works individually with each of them to improve their skills and prepare them to join the profession. These are just some examples of the dedication and focus he puts toward helping his students reach their full potential.

“And, in the courtroom, Justin is known for immersive preparation, fervent advocacy for his clients, and all-around excellence in trial and appellate litigation. He’s made quite an impression on Louisville’s legal community. And his open-minded approach and thoughtful nature will surely benefit all who appear before him.

“These extensive responsibilities might be enough for most people. But not Justin. He and his wife Anne also lead a nonprofit organization called ‘Global Game Changers.’ With a focus on underserved children in Louisville, this organization helps young people improve their lives and make a positive impact on their community.

“Simply put, our Commonwealth and our nation would be lucky to have a remarkable individual like Justin Walker on the federal bench. Through the course of this confirmation process, I expect you’ll see just what I have described.

“Joining me to support Justin’s commitment to public service today are his proud mother, Deborah, many members of his family, his friends and colleagues, and of course Anne and their daughter, Isabella.

“Mr. Chairman, thank you again for the opportunity come by and put in a good word for this impressive young man.”

(provided by Office of U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell)

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