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Grimes Welcomes Nearly 100 New Citizens at Louisville Naturalization Ceremony


Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes welcomed and congratulated new United States citizens at a naturalization ceremony on Thursday at the national headquarters of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Grimes recognized 97 new citizens from 39 different countries who took the oath of citizenship to become Americans officially. She spoke to the new citizens and their families about the importance of voter participation, civic engagement, and being committed to their communities.

"On this special occasion, we're celebrating at the Sons of the American Revolution – a conflict which resulted in America's independence and the building of a country which has become a melting pot of people like each of you," Grimes said. "All of us are here because of the people who led the Revolution, and today we affirm the ideal that America is a place for everyone."

Grimes encouraged the new citizens to use one of their newly attained rights as citizens by registering to vote via Kentucky’s online registration portal at GoVoteKY.com. The portal is easy to navigate and it takes just a few short minutes to complete the registration process, Grimes said.

Grimes imparted upon the new citizens the importance of participating in elections and asked them to go to the polls in every cycle.

"I'm counting on you to lead us on a course change when it comes to voting. Each of you must take part in the process. America's future cannot be built on apathy," said Grimes.

Story provided by: Kentucky.gov