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Treasurer Allison Ball Files Motion to Save Retirees and Taxpayers Money


  Treasurer Ball filed a motion designed to update the court on recent billing activities by the Kentucky Retirement Systems.

"Too many retirement funds and taxpayer dollars have been spent litigating this case," Treasurer Ball released in a statement. "Our pensions and state finances are in dire straits, and every dollar spent needs to be closely monitored."

An area of great concern is the apparent duplication of actions by outside counsel for former KRS board member Tommy Elliott and the Office of Attorney General Andy Beshear. KRS is using retirement funds to pay for outside legal counsel, while Beshear is using taxpayer monies to also participate in litigation. Both are arguing the same issues in the same case.

"Since the courts decided to allow the Attorney General to participate in this case, there really is no need for two separate legal teams to argue the same position," Treasurer Ball continued. "Effectively, taxpayers are being billed twice for the same work. I am filing this motion to bring attention to these sorts of billing practices that are costing retirees and taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars unnecessarily."

Treasurer Ball filed the motion in Franklin Circuit Court on Monday afternoon. The case is scheduled for a hearing this Thursday, November 17th.

Story provided by (Kentucky.gov)