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Flemingsburg VFD Construction Delayed

Cody Evans, The Ledger Independent

Completion of the Flemingsburg Volunteer Fire Department building has been delayed until January.

Flemingsburg Mayor Marty Voiers said Trace Creek Construction, which is completing the construction of the $1.1 million fire hall, is still waiting on a shipment of materials needed to complete the work.

"I'm not sure what it is they're waiting on," Voices said. "I know that a shipment has been delayed, which has caused the work to be delayed."

Voiers said all that remains to complete the fire hall is the wiring, placing drywall on the inside and some grating and leveling of the outside property. There is also some concrete that needs to be poured.

"Once the construction and all work have been completed and the building has been turned over to the city, we will be responsible for the painting and floor coverings," he said. "The floors are concrete, so we will find something to cover that."

Funding for the project came from a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $500,000, a Rural Development loan for $315,000, a $300,000 grant from the ARC and $60,000 from the city of Flemingsburg.

The building is located near the U.S. Department of Agriculture building on the Flemingsburg bypass, Voiers said.

The land was purchased several years ago with the intent of one day constructing a new fire hall, Voiers said.

According to Flemingsburg Fire Chief Jerry McCloud, the fire station will be approximately 8,000 square feet and include four bays, which could hold seven or eight vehicles.

There will also be two offices, a meeting room, utility room, restrooms, storage, a decontamination area, and areas for firefighters to store equipment.

"We needed a new one because the current one is very cramped," said McCloud. "There is only one bay that can hold three trucks wide and two trucks deep. And, there's no storage space."

McCloud said the storage space is essential, because there are currently 23 volunteers with the fire department who all have equipment that needs to be stored and easily accessible.

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