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Kentucky Legislators Approve Biennial Budget

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Kentucky lawmakers put their stamp of approval on a 20 billion dollar two year budget. 

In the Senate, there were, by and large, positive remarks about the process and end product.  Minority Floor Leader R.J. Palmer says K through 12 education received good funding support.

"We have a finite amount of revenue on which to operate our state on and we tried to so in a way that we thought would move this state forward the best that we could and I think if you look at this budget, that's what you'll see,” said Palmer.

Palmer says a pay raise for teachers is well deserved and a reduced cut in higher education funding is better than it could have been. 

Retiring Budget Committee Chair Bob Leeper says creative budgeting was avoided this time.

"When people wanted to find some extra money to do some extra things, we held the line and we did not in any place in this budget sweep cash, bond it back, put the cash back and pay the funds for 20 years, not one place,” said Leeper.

Leeper called that "a total change of attitude about the budgeting process." 

The Senate voted 37 to one on the final budget.  Legislators will come back to Frankfort April 14th to consider any vetoes issued by Governor Beshear.