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Congressman Massie Rejects Syrian Proposal

National Journal

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie says he’ll vote “no” to any request by President Obama seeking congressional backing for possible military action against Syria.

President Obama has said he wants the house and senate to approve a limited strike in the wake of evidence the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against its own people.

Massie says he’s uncomfortable with the language the President is using in his proposal.

“If you look closely at the draft authorization of force that he’s asked congress to pass in both houses, you will see that it’s basically a full-on declaration of war. It’s not limited geographically, it’s not limited by type of engagement, and it’s not limited by who we can engage, not just the Syrians.” –Thomas Massie

Massie says Obama’s draft authorization lacks too many specifics about the proposed action in Syria, including the possible use of American ground forces.


“The authorization he’s looking for does not say no boots on the ground and it should, I know, probably to get the support of a majority of the members of House of Representatives that resolution is gonna have to be changed.” –Thomas Massie

Massie insists the conflict in Syria is a civil war and is not a matter of U.S. national security, which should be the basis for any military action that America takes.

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