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Ashland Blazer Grad Tapped For IRS Post


President Obama’s nominee to head the Internal Revenue Service is a graduate of Ashland Blazer High School. 74-year-old John Koskinen is widely recognized as a corporate restructuring expert. He most recently served as chairman of mortgage buyer Freddie Mac. Koskinen was also deputy director for the federal Office of Management and Budget.

In an August, 2011 speech before the Chautaqua Institution in Washington, Koskinen talked about economic and housing policy. He also took questions from the audience…

"Feel free to ask any question you like…and I will answer it. Now I have done that for years, ever since I went into the government 20 years ago…and I have decided that what happens is, I have never gotten into serious trouble with an answer, which leads me to conclude that nobody is paying attention to the answers. So…until that changes…have at it." - John Koskinen

Koskinen’s nomination must be confirmed by the Senate. He would serve a five-year term.