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Cave Run Lake Reaches Record Levels


Several weeks of rain has the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers keeping an eye on the rising reservoir at Cave Run Lake. The reservoir has reached a record pool level of 759.7 feet.

At this point, Corps spokesman Todd Hornback says the dam at the lake is holding the water and preventing it from spilling into the streams and creeks below it.

“Right now, it looks like that the rains may be slowing, but if we get additional rains up to possibly around two inches, that could put us in a spillway flow. But right now we’re just monitoring that and we have safety measures in place and plans ready just in case that does happen, but we just want everyone to know, especially downstream from the lake, that is a possibility.”

If the water spills over the dam, the nearby town of Farmers could see a rise in water comparable to what it dealt with in early April and residents should be prepared to evacuate their homes and businesses.

Hornback says a number of Cave Run’s boat ramps and recreation areas have been closed because of the lake’s high water level.