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Maysville Escapes Recent Ohio River Flooding

Trip Advisor

The cleanup from weekend flooding continues in communities along the Ohio River but officials in Maysville say the city’s flood wall was a savior when the waters began rising Saturday (March 14).

Mason County Emergency Management Director Tim Nolder says the structure protects the community to a stage just above 79 feet.       

He says that kept high waters from reaching most of city.

“Well, you know, believe it or not, several years ago there was a push from some residents that wanted to tear the thing down. I think maybe they hopefully, went back and had second thoughts about in their proposal. They wanted to see the beautiful river and I’m like, well you may see it closer than you really want, so I hope that one’s been put to rest.”

Nolder says he’s received no reports of property damage across Mason County. He says Ohio cities like Aberdeen, Manchester and Higginsport still have high water in many places.

According to the National Weather Service, the Ohio River last weekend reached its highest level in the past 20 years.   

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