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Flemingsburg Walking Trails Ceremony

Terry Prather, The Ledger Independent

A ceremony to celebrate the new Flemingsburg Walking Trails will be held on June 27. 

The ceremony will take place at 2 p.m. across the street from the Flemingsburg Water Plant, behind the the Chamber of Commerce building.

"We want to celebrate the new trails," Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Crystal Ruark said. "This is something we've been waiting on to be completed."

Mayor Marty Voiers said there are two trails around the historic buildings of downtown Flemingsburg. The first trail, called the black trail, is 1.7 miles long. It begins at the city park on Water Street and goes past the reservoir, passes the bank and the fire house, leading back to the park.

The second trail, known as the gold trail, is 2.8 miles and also begins at the park. It goes up West Main Street to the old courthouse and around before going back down the hill to East Water and up to the cemetery.

Along the trails, there are 30 buildings to be seen. Each building will have a sign in front with a picture and information telling why it is significant.

Voiers said he got the idea for the trails from researching other towns that have done something similar and thought it would be a good fit for Flemingsburg.

"We have a lot of historical buildings in our town," Voiers said. "These trails will allow the people of Flemingsburg, as well as visitors, a chance to see them all."

Voiers said the walking trails also add an incentive to be outside and walking, with hopes that it might encourage more people to be active.

"We feel more people might be willing to go out and walk around and be active if they have an incentive," Voiers said.

The signs were all placed within the last two weeks and were funded through a Recreational Trails Program grant of $20,000. The city matched the funds with in-kind labor and purchased the signs in the winter.

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