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Lake Cumberland Water Levels To Increase


The water level of one of Kentucky's most popular waterways is going up.  The message from Washington got a good reception at the state capitol on Tuesday (March 25).

House Minority Floor Leader Jeff Hoover told his colleagues Lake Cumberland is returning to its ideal pool level.  The immensely popular boating and recreational area has coped with shallow waters for almost eight years.  The water was lowered to make repairs to Wolfe Creek Dam. 

Wayne County Representative Ken Upchurch says some boating businesses were significantly impacted. 

"There were one or two docks that once the lake level, once they drained it down to the point where they were coming down to the original level, the docks were sitting on the bank and so that has really disrupted tourism and the boating industry in our area," said Upchurch.

Upchurch says Wolfe Creek Dam repairs were completed within the last year.  He says predicting the lake's return to the 723 foot pool level is difficult. 

"You know how much the good Lord sends us in rain will determine a lot about those lake levels.  You know, on a real wet year, they have trouble keeping it at 723. Sometimes it's higher than 723, because they can't let too much of it out because of flooding down below the dam.  And then on dry years, it may be a struggle to keep it at 723,” added Upchurch.

Upchurch said the higher water level will be better for tourism in southeastern Kentucky.​​

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