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Ice Storm Strains Electrical Service


This week’s ice storm has come and gone but its effect on electrical service may linger for some Kentucky residents.  Some areas of the state saw about a quarter inch of ice accumulation on everything including trees and power lines. 

Kentucky Utilities Spokesman Cliff Feltham says it’s not over until the ice is over.

“Our acid test for it all is when the ice comes completely out of the trees because until we get temperatures to get all that ice out of the trees the ice still poses a problem to those trees and potentially can pull the limbs down,” said Feltham.

Temperatures are expected to remain at or below freezing for the next few days in many areas.  The electrical utility says 150 power crews from other states are lending a hand for restoration work across Kentucky. 

“Probably go to the metropolitan areas of Lexington and Louisville to get them finished with their restorations, but it’s that extra boost of personnel that probably will make a difference in how speedy we’re able to do recovery,” added Feltham.

At the height of the storm, there were eight thousand customers in Lexington without power, but that number had dwindled to about a thousand by mid-day Wednesday (Feb. 5).

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