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Coal Plants Blamed for Water Pollution

Environmental Integrity Project

Coal-fired power plants in Kentucky and eleven other states have become the largest source of toxic water pollution in the country…That’s one of the findings in a new report released today by a coalition of environmental organizations. The groups say almost 70 percent of the more than 270 plants that discharge coal ash and scrubber wastewater into rivers, lakes and streams have no limits on the toxins they’re permitted to dump.

Eric Schaeffer is executive director of the Environmental Integrity Project. In fact, he says, some plants don’t monitor for discharges of arsenic, lead and mercury…

Schaeffer says the Environmental Protection Agency has now proposed first-ever national standards to limit the toxic waste being discharged into waterways. He says the E-P-A must be given the authority to regulate those releases and hold the coal industry accountable for cleaning up water pollution.