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City of Maysville Hosting Job Fair


Persons interested in exploring job opportunities with the City of Maysville government are invited to attend a job fair next month.

The City of Maysville and Maysville Utility Commission will host a job fair on Sept. 2 from 1 - 5 p.m., at the Maysville Conference Center at 24 East Second Street.

Human Resource Director Karen Cracraft said while there are no openings at this time, the intention of the job fair is to allow people interested in working for the city an opportunity to meet with department heads and to complete an employment application.

Cracraft said applications will be kept on file for one year and when job openings become available, qualified candidates will be chosen from the pool of applications.

"We anticipate, as we always do, we could have openings in the next year. This will provide an opportunity for people to talk with representatives from each department to learn more about what's involved with the job," Cracraft said.

Representatives from the fire, police, tourism, Maysville utilities, public works, Maysville-Mason County Recreation Park, communication/E911 and administration will be at the job fair.

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