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Landing on the farm

Julianna Leach, The TrailBlazer

While some students go to Florida, or travel overseas or panic through an internship for summer break, agricultural student Kaden Martin worked through the summer heat trying his hand at farming. 

Martin began his journey at Morehead State University as a Space Science major while also jumping headfirst into marching band and rushing a fraternity. He tried many things before settling on a home at the university’s Derrickson Agricultural Complex. 

“I tried to do way too much,” said Martin, graduate of Paul G Blazer High School in Ashland, Ky. “I definitely hit the senior flop where I had no motivation.” 

Unsure of what he was going to do out of high school, Martin took a class on organic gardening where he was hooked on the idea of being able to create and design outdoor landscapes. 

“It reminded me how much I loved being outside and working with my hands so I decided to give ag a try,” said Martin.

Unlike others at MSU’s 350-acre farm, Martin did not come from an agricultural background. However, his lack of experience challenged him to push harder at his program.

Martin has since tried a little bit of everything the farm offers. 

Harvesting crops, servicing equipment and assisting the hemp growing operation were just some of the tasks that Martin has completed throughout his work-study at the complex. 

“It was a little tough at first,” said Martin, General Agriculture major. “I wanted to stay here during the summer and really get that experience and fully dive in where I hadn’t.”

For working 20 hours a week, Martin received free boarding over the summer and regular pay, but it is the unseen benefits that made his time there truly worth it. 

“It is rewarding to see what you have done,” added Martin. “It gives me a sense of independence.”

Martin hopes to bring his newfound independence and confidence with him after his graduation in December when he moves to Utah to be with his girlfriend. 

His dream is to one day have his own landscaping business. 

“I love art, but I can never put it down on a piece of paper,” said Martin, “but when it comes to landscaping you don’t have to do that and it’s something I feel I can do a lot better.”  

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