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Morehead State University Students Unveil Posters in Frankfort

Morehead State University

Morehead State University President Wayne D. Andrews, Dr. Michael Henson, associate vice president for research and dean of the graduate school, along with other university and state officials unveiled this year’s Posters-at-the-Capitol Thursday, Feb. 25.

“These student projects, completed in collaboration with faculty members outside the traditional classroom setting, represent the personal, value added educational opportunities available at Morehead State University,” said President Andrews.

“The involvement of undergraduate students with faculty in research, scholarship, and other creative endeavors provides the type of rich academic environment necessary for the development of leaders with the intellectual skills and vision to guide the future social and economic development of our Commonwealth and the Nation. MSU is committed to the continued expansion of these scholarly opportunities for students in all academic programs through initiatives such as our unique Undergraduate Research Fellows program and our Celebration of Student Scholarship Week,” added Andrews.

More than 125 poster projects are on display throughout the Capitol.

A total of 24 MSU students collaborated with faculty to present posters at this year’s event.

“Morehead State University has a well-documented history of excellence in undergraduate research and this has resulted in a campus culture that embraces faculty mentorship as a means of enhancing engagement and critical thinking skills – both of which are important predictors of student success.  We are indeed proud of our students and their faculty mentors who are showcasing their collaborations in Frankfort today,” said Dr. Henson.

Participants were:

Tracy Blevins of Van Lear worked with Dr. Bernadette Barton, professor of sociology. Her poster was titled, “Organizing the South: Progressive Activism in America's Most Conservative Region.”

Tessa Combs of Demossville, collaborated with faculty member Dr. C. Brent Rogers, associate professor of agriculture. Her poster was titled, “Improving Soil Health with a Multispecies Cover Cropping System: Preliminary Data.”

Tyler Davis of Cincinnati worked with Dr. Steve Chen, associate professor of sports management. His poster was titled, “The Impact of Campus Recreation and Wellness Facility on Student Enrollment and Retention.”

Elizabeth Dotson of Louisville, Jamee Rogers of Morehead, Charlie Day of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and Jasmine Wheeler of Morehead collaborated with faculty member Joy Gritton, associate professor of art. Their poster was titled “The Haldeman After-School Program: Connecting Past to Present through Music and Gardening.”

Jessica Farrell of Morehead worked with Jordan Kislear, general engineer with the U.S. Department of Energy, and Dr. Jennifer Birriel, professor of physics. Her poster was title, “Analysis of State’s Potentials for CCS Retrofits.”

Logan W. Fields of Van Lear, Hannah L. Howard of Flat Gap, and Jason T. McClurg of Morehead collaborated with faculty member Dr. Wesley White, professor of psychology. For their poster, “Acute Withdrawal from Drugs of Abuse in an Animal Model: Biomarkers and Mechanisms.”

Janie Knell of Owingsville and Joshua Z. Fugate of Hazard worked with Dr. Wilson J. González-Espada, associate professor of physics and science education. Their poster was titled, “Using Mesoscale Meteorological Data to Identify Possible Local Effects of Global Climate Change.”

Kelly Gardner of Morehead and Christopher J. Nunley of Grayson collaborated with faculty member Dr. Christina Conroy, assistant professor of philosophy. Their poster was titled, “Philosophical Investigations of Sex.”

Sydney Gebka of Union worked with Johnathan Nelson, assistant professor of management. Her poster was titled, “Changing Aspects of the Nature of Work.”

Brittany Gill of Ashland collaborated with faculty member Lori Baruth, associate professor of music. Her poster was titled, “What Can Dalcroze Do for You? An Exploration of the Benefits of Dalcroze Methods and Techniques.”

Kyle M. Smith of Morehead and Sydney Guffey of Fisherville worked with Joy Gritton, associate professor of art. Their poster was titled, “Diversity: A Key to Healthy Living in the Appalachian Region.”

Julieann Helton of Salyersville collaborated with faculty member Joy Gritton, associate professor of art. Her poster was titled, “Designing on a Dime: Creating a Virtual Presence for Non-Profit Organizations.”

Lin-hsiu Huang of Tooele, Utah, and Kathryn Wilkerson of Morehead worked with Dr. Ann Andaloro, associate professor of mass communication. Their poster was titled, “Hear Me Roar: Morehead State Television.”

Maria Kallas of Springboro, Ohio, collaborated with faculty member Dr. John H. Curry, associate professor of education. Her poster was titled, “Trends in Stakeholders' Perceptions of Mason County's 1:1 iPad Implementation.”

Maria Kallas of Springboro, Ohio, worked with Dr. April D Miller, professor of education. Her poster was titled, “SOS! My Inattentive Students are disrupting the Classroom!”

Robert Rowlett of Whitesburg collaborated with faculty member Dr. Hans Chapman, assistant professor of applied engineering and technology. His poster was titled, “Magnetic Induction Generator Powered by Vertical Water flow.”

Cierra Thompson of Louisville worked with Julie Harp Rutland, assistant professor of education. Her poster was titled, “Families Involving Siblings in Early Intervention.”

Brittany Wilson of Mt. Sterling collaborated with faculty member Kim Nettleton, assistant professor of education. Her poster was titled, “In the Know: Classroom Teacher's Knowledge of Gifted Student Characteristics.”

Additional information about this event and opportunities for undergraduate research at MSU is available by calling 606-783-2010.

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