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MSU President Andrews Discusses Higher Education Funding

NC State University

The president of Morehead State University and Kentucky’s other university chiefs don’t mind if there’s a performance-based component to the next state budget for higher education.

In fact, Dr. Wayne Andrews (MSU President) says the Council on Postsecondary Education has suggested such a provision but would like to see it limited to new funding from the legislature.

The CPE is asking lawmakers to restore half the money they’ve cut from colleges and universities since the recession hit in 2008.

Pres. Andrews says there’s been quite a shift in Higher Ed costs in Kentucky over the last eight years.

“Morehead State University receives thirty-seven percent of our budget now comes from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, when I first came it was about sixty percent. So we’ve seen a decline in state support for higher education funding and a dramatic increase in tuition as a result.” –MSU President Wayne Andrews

Andrews became MSU’s president eleven years ago.

The Kentucky General Assembly will be deciding the Commonwealth’s new two-year budget, including appropriations for higher education, over the next three months.

Chuck Mraz has been an employee of MSPR (WMKY) since 1986. As News Director he recruits and trains employees for MSPR's News Department and supervises the morning operations of the station. Chuck hosts "Front Page," a local news and information show, "Monday Morning Quarterback," a sports discussion program and is the local news voice for inserts in NPR's "Morning Edition." He has received numerous state and national awards for his work in news and sports reporting. Chuck retired from MSU in June of 2018.
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