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Interactive Resource Helps Kids Stay Active While Learning


Do you GoNoodle? 

Like many schools within the region, McBrayer Elementary School in Morehead has been utilizing GoNoodle for several years.

Now, thanks to a partnership between St. Claire Regional Medical Center (SCR) and Passport Health Plan, schools can take their involvement a step further with GoNoodle PLUS as McBrayer students demonstrated publicly Tuesday, Sept. 22.

In addition to using GoNoodle PLUS for what many teachers in the school refer to as “brain breaks,” the program is now being used for recess when students can’t go outside and even as a de-stressing method before tests.  Children can even use GoNoodle PLUS at home to help with their homework, or to keep them active if they’re stuck inside due to weather.

“We have several rooms that use GoNoodle faithfully during the day to help students get those wiggles out and help them stay focused,” McBrayer Principal Rhonda Banks said. “We’re really excited about having the full package with GoNoodle PLUS.”

GoNoodle PLUS is jam packed with even more programs that allow students to learn and be physically active at the same time. GoNoodle PLUS offers teachers and parents the possibility of customization, allowing the activities to coincide with the content being taught in the classroom.

For example, Bodyspell, a PLUS-only activity, gives users the opportunity to insert their own spelling words into the program. Students then use their bodies to spell out the words, which offers a unique approach to learning. “I’ve even heard stories of students sitting at their desks going through the motions to help them remember during the actual tests,” David Hanzlick, GoNoodle regional director, said.

Another feature of GoNoodle PLUS is Mega Math Marathon, which gets students running next to their desks while practicing grade-level appropriate math skills as a class.

To measure the effectiveness of the program, a study was conducted using data from 15 schools in three states during the 2014-15 school year. Pre- and post-test results were examined for two different groups of comparable students, one of which used Mega Math Marathon, while the other did not. The students who used the game increased their post-test scores by nearly 50 percent more than students who did not.

In addition to getting students active, GoNoodle PLUS also provides activities that refocus and calm children. One of the most popular calming games is called Flow. Flow offers activities that help students shift attitudes, manage stress, adjust behavior and understand their emotions.

From Aug. 1 to Sept. 22, 500,000 minutes of physical activity had been recorded through GoNoodle within SCR’s 10-county service region alone. SCR President/CEO Mark J. Neff said he hopes to see that number continue to grow as more parents and teachers learn about the program and its benefits.

“St. Claire Regional is proud to be able to support physical activity in a region where high obesity rates are affecting the overall quality of life,” Neff said.

(story provided by SCRMC)

Paul Hitchcock earned his Masters in Communications from Morehead State University and Bachelors in Radio-TV/Psychology from Georgetown College. A veteran broadcaster for more than 40 years and an avid fan of blues, jazz and American roots music. Hitchcock has been with WMKY since 1986 and was named General Manager in 2003. He currently hosts "Muddy Bottom Blues" (Fri., 8pm-9pm), "Nothin' But The Blues" (Sat., 8pm-12am), "Sunday Night Jazz Showcase" and "Live From The Jazz Lounge" (Sun., 8pm-9pm) and "The Golden Age of Radio" (Sun., 2pm-3pm). He also serves as producer for "A Time For Tales" and "The Reader's Notebook."
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