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Study Shows Two-Thirds of Students Are College-Ready

Education News

Kentucky high school graduates who are not considered college or career ready by the State Department of Education struggle during their first year of college.

That’s among the findings of a study conducted by the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics.

The director of the center is Dr. Kate Akers and she’s hardly surprised by those results.

Akers says the size of the disparity between grade point average and credit hours earned among students deemed “not ready” and those who are. 

Akers says those who test “ready” for college have a first year GPA of two-point-65 compared to one-point-81.  She says credit hours earned are 22-point-nine compared to 12-point-one.

“The majority of that difference is that if they’re not college and career-ready, they’re having to take some developmental courses that do not count as credit-bearing courses.” –Dr. Kate Akers

The Kentucky Department of Education says the latest assessments show that almost 63 percent of the state’s high school graduates are college or career-ready. 

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