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Adjusted School Calendar Approved By House

The Kentucky House has voted to allow school districts to shorten the academic year by up to ten days this spring.  The issue has been heavily debated the past week as local school officials wrestle with the impact of a snowy winter. 

Morgantown Representative C.B. Embry cast an "aye" vote.

"We have many miles of gravel roads, steep hills, curves, and many of them are shaded. You cannot clear those roads when they have heavy snow,” said Embry.

Some eastern Kentucky schools have missed more than 30 days this winter.  Louisville Representative Jim Wayne believes those days missed should be made up.

"Our students underperform in many, many areas and it's very important when you talk about two weeks of school that we're basically getting rid of through this legislation.  I think it's a mistake,”  said Wayne.

Senate President Robert Stivers says it's a complicated matter when you consider scheduling testing and graduations.  Still, Stivers doesn't believe the best solution is to offer a ten day option for all districts.

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