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Rowan Property Tax Increase

Rowan County citizens can now officially expect to see a 4% hike in their property taxes.

The increase passed the Rowan School Board last night on a 3-to-2 vote.  Superintendent Marvin Moore says the move will create about 304,000 new dollars for the district, but it won’t end his school system financial issues…

"That’s not going to be a cure-all, but it’s going to help…we’ve got a $413,000 cut in SEEK, that’s not even going to cover the SEEK cut. If we get the federal cuts that we are anticipating, that could be another $400,000…and all the other mandates…by covering teacher retirement and increase in health care…the nurses at our school level…that won’t even begin to cover that, but it will help. It’s better to have that to not have it." - Marvin Moore  

The two dissenting votes last night came from Danny Mabry and Brenda Stamm. Stamm, who began her term on the Rowan School Board back in January, says she voted against the tax hike because she believes most local residents didn’t favor it.