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Budget Cuts Reach Lewis County Programs

A reduction in the size of a federal grant distributed through the Kentucky Department of Education has forced the suspension of all programs and services offered by the Lewis County Boys and Girls Club…that’s according to the chairman of the club’s advisory board Kevin Duff.

Duff says the club has been told there have been cuts to the 21st Century Community Learning Grant, which funnels money into Lewis County for free after-school programs that benefit hundreds of youngsters between the ages of 6 and 18.  Duff says a fundraising effort is underway to try to salvage the club:

"We feel like, if we can make ten thousand by January 1st we can at least open the doors back up. Ten thousand dollars isn’t going to fund us for perpetuity but it will let us start again."

Kevin Duff says the Lewis County Club supports athletic and academic programs, as well as one free meal per day.