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Luallen Says Affordable Care Act Creates Jobs

The Jumbled Mind

Kentucky’s lieutenant governor says the Affordable Care Act is not just making people healthier, it’s providing additional employment opportunities as well.

Crit Luallen discussed the federal health care law Sunday on KET’s Connections with Renee Shaw.

“We already know as of the November numbers that we had nearly 12 thousand new jobs created as the result of the Affordable Care Act, and this is money that is not going into the hands of the recipients who are getting care, it’s going into the local economies through doctors and hospitals, and nurses and pharmacists, and medical care providers and home health agencies. This is economic impact.” –CritLuallen

In fact, Luallen says, the ACA is likely to create 17-thousand new jobs in health care in Kentucky over an eight-year period. She says the increase in state revenues will help pay for the expansion of Medicaid coverage.

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