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Morehead Forum Will Focus On Rural Health Care

Think Progress

Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelin will be in Morehead next week as he conducts one of ten statewide hearings on the fiscal health of the state’s rural hospitals, and the president and CEO of St. Claire Regional Medical Center admits he is looking forward to Edelin’s visit.

Mark Neff says some of the federal Affordable Care Act’s new requirements are hitting facilities, like his very hard.

“Costs go up whether it’s implementing electronic health records or general labor costs, supplies…then we’re getting pinched particularly in the rural areas on our two primary payers, Medicaid and Medicare, creates a difficult dynamic.” –Mark Neff

Neff points out that Medicare and Medicaid are now only reimbursing hospitals for 75 cents on the dollar of their costs for providing service.

Edelin will be in Morehead on July 23rd at 10am at the Center for Health Education and Research. His statewide tour began earlier today (July 14) with a hearing in Hazard.

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