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Ashland City Council Hears Concerns On Park Activity

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An Ashland Avenue resident is voicing concerns about the safety of her residential neighborhood if Ashland develops walking trails in the Charles and Betty Russell Park.

Macon Roberts told city commissioners on Thursday (March 27) young people are already assembling near her home and going into the woods.

She suspects they’re involved in drug abuse but admits she hasn’t really seen that taking place. Roberts worries that creation of the hiking paths and improved access to the park will draw more people to the neighborhood and possibly illegal activities, too.

“I think that when the property was donated to the city years ago, before the huge drug problem that we are experiencing, I think it was a different story then. It would have been a great thing back then. I don’t think it’s such a great thing now.” –Macon Roberts

Roberts also says permitting motorists to park along Ashland Avenue in order to use the walking trails will create traffic problems in the neighborhood.

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