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Alcohol Monitor Bracelet Option Considered

Wallin & Klarich

Individuals facing alcohol related crimes could be required to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet under a bill moving through the Kentucky general assembly.  The measure stands before the full House for a vote. 

Former Western Kentucky Circuit Judge Tom Kasslin supports explicit language to make it a clear option for judges.

“One of the things they could do is have that person wear a continuous alcohol monitor and then that way you could monitor their alcohol use and if you see them using alcohol, you know they’re falling off the wagon, you got to get them in and address the issue before it’s too late,” said Kasslin.

Kasslin says the continuous alcohol monitoring device could be used as a condition of pretrial release or where there are domestic violence protective orders.  The device reads perspiration through the skin every half hour. An amendment is pending to waive or reduce the fee for indigent offenders.

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