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Concealed Weapon Legislation Aimed At Domestic Violence

Tactical Life

People considered at risk in domestic situations may soon have access to additional protection.

Kentucky’s General Assembly is being asked to approve legislation loosening restrictions on concealed weapons. The current process of acquiring a concealed carry permit can take a few months. 

A senate committee today (Feb. 6) gave overwhelming support to a bill that could make permitting almost immediate for those covered by emergency protective or domestic violence orders. 

Madison County Senator Jared Carpenter says each case would be up to the judge’s discretion. 

“This bill would allow it to be expedited to where they can get it much quicker based upon the judge recommendation.  If a petitioner has had an e-p-o issued, they have the ability to ask the judge to grant them a concealed carry for the time up to 90 days and it allows them to have that protection,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter says once an emergency protective order is lifted, the concealed carry permit would be revoked.   This bill does not require training for the temporary permit. 

Sherry Currens with the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association isn’t sure if this is the best approach. 

“You know the hope it to de-escalate things and so giving someone who may never have used a gun before the option, that they’re gonna feel scared at the time and need to take the gun may not be the best idea,” said Currens.

Currens says her organization works with imprisoned women who have retaliated against their abusers.  She says self-defense is sometimes hard to prove.  Carpenter believes the bill stands a good chance of passage in the Senate and House.  He says the House typically gets behind second amendment-related issues.

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