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Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes November 7, 2018

Board chair Sarah Dailey called the meeting to order at 6.07 pm.

Present were Board members Collin Alexander, Sarah Dailey, Krys Lynham, Molly Smothers, and Katelyn Clark; also MSPR General Manager Paul Hitchcock (Agenda attached)


CAB minutes from 1 August 2018 were reviewed and approved (Alexander/Lynham)

MSPR Quarterly Report was presented by Hitchcock (July-September 2018). Highlights included Hitchcock appointed to Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities; Leeann Akers named MSPR News Director; Tanner Boyd and Joe Lewis hired as News Reporters: new programming. Board approved the report (Lynham/Clark)

The Board also heard a report on the Morehead Arts and Eats Fest.  Hitchcock reported a total net gain of ~$250.

The Fall Fundraiser and Membership Drive was discussed at length.  Hitchcock gave a report of the previous Fundraiser Totals and presented the fall numbers as they stood at 7 November (attached).  Discussion followed as to how to best approach Spring, and Hitchcock thanked all who were involved.


Much discussion centered around the Programming for the fall, especially in regard to Election returns.  The number of listeners/connections on Election night grew substantially (~17,000 hits on Facebook) was quite an encouragement.  Akers was responsible for much of this and went live on that evening.  The station will be looking at more promotion and collaboration in the future.  There are also a number of student podcasts being planned.

The station is in the process of receiving and implementing mini-disc replacement machines with SD cards.

Hitchcock discussed the possibility of having to share limited office space with other departments in the future, but that is not yet decided.

The Student Leadership Award is currently being promoted, with a deadline of 18 January 2019. 

ACTION:THE CAB will review the applications and nominate an award recipient at the next meeting.

Next Meeting 6 February 2019. Those Board members rotating off (Sarah Dailey, Steve O’Connor, and Molly Smothers) were thanked for their time.  New Leadership was elected by acclamation:

Chair: Krys Lynham; Vice Chair: Collin Alexander; and Secretary Katelyn Clark

Molly Smothers, secretary.