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Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes May 10, 2017

The meeting started at 6:05pm at the Morehead State Public Radio (MSPR) office.

Steve Middleton, MSPR Advisory Board (CAB) Chair welcomed returning members and guests.

Guest Comments

Paul introduced Jacob, a sophomore at Morehead State University attended this meeting, as a guest. Jacob spoke to the Advisory Board about his job duties at MSPR and also the Trail Blazer. Currently Jacob is also covering the City Council meetings. Jacob has worked every shift at MSPR and has enjoyed each position. He would like to work in music journalism and will continue his work at MSPR throughout the summer.  

Old Business

A.)    Minutes for previous meetings were reviewed and discuss by the board.

a.       Motion made by Steve to approve and seconded by Colby. The minutes were approved by the board.

B.)    Quarterly Report for January- March 2017 was presented by Paul Hitchcock. Section numbered five (5) on the Quarterly Report was adjusted to say “tour” of students.

C.)    Spring Forward

1.       $2775.00 was donated from 22 people, 21 in Kentucky and 1 person in Tennessee

a.$2,520.00 of the total donations have been paid

2.       The MSU call center only send out 200 letters to donators

3.       Paul spoke about Larry Netherton’s passing and his contributions to MSPR and Morehead State University.

a.In lieu of flowers, Larry’s family asked for donations to MSPR in his memory. A total of $2,970.00 was donated in Larry’s memory.

4.       Paul stated he will go back on the air in the fall to complete pledge breaks; “getting back to our roots”. Goals will be reviewed at a later date. However, the goal could be between $12,000-$15,00 in donations. At a later date we will also discuss way to find new members.

New Business

A.)    Associated Press Awards

1.       Eleven (11) awards were won throughout the station. Sam won first place throughout the state and four (4) first place awards were won among MSPR students!

B.)    Assistant News Director

1.       Interview will take place in June and the position should be filled by or on July 16, 2017.

C.)    Programming

1.       Paul and the board discussed programming. Handouts were provided to each member of the board explaining in depth about programming and chances. Questions about cost and replacement programming were noted by the board and answered by Paul.

Closing Comments

Steve noted that Dr. Scott would like more air time. The board discussed the idea of more public affair stories in the future and are open for more ideas.

The meeting was adjourned at 7: 17pm, by Steve.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 6:00pm.