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Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes February 6, 2019

Board chair Krys Lynam called the meeting to order at 6:06pm.

Present were Board members Krys Lynam, Jeremy Boone, Katelyn Clark, David Gregory and station manager Paul Hitchcock

Welcome to new members Jeremy and Carol. One vacant CAB position as of 6 February 2019.


CAB minutes from 7 November 2018 were reviewed and approved (Clark/Gregory)

MSPR Quarterly Report was presented by Hitchcock (October - December 2018). Nothing out of the ordinary in the report. Board approved and accepted.

The 2019 Student Leadership Award was discussed and voted on by present board members, and comments emailed in from Carol and Jeanette were read out loud and considered. By a 5-1 vote, Jacob Lindberg won the CAB Student Leadership Award.

Inez Translator – This translator has been off air for a few years. By June 9, 2019, a decision must be made to 1) fix it and resume broadcast, 2) keep it silent, in which case FCC will take it back as surplus. There is also an option to sell it. A decision will be made by CAB next meeting (8 May 2019).


2018 CPB Station Activities report was submitted in February to receive second half of grant. Awarded ~$128,406 from CPB based on financial report from 2 years ago.

2019 CPB Diversity report was reviewed and approved by the board.

Spring Fundraiser was held March 30 – April 5, with live pitching on air Sat-Sun and during the week. The goal was to raise ~$12,000-15,000.

Other comments: A board member inquired about student staffing, which is in good shape. Paul reported there are 4 students graduating, so there will be some re-building as far as student staff. There are 18-20 student working (volunteer, work study, internships) with equal number of federal and institutional work study students.

Audio Visions will have a break in the summer with World Café taking its place. Audio Visions will hopefully pick back up in the fall if there is student interest.

Next meeting is scheduled for 8 May 2019 at 6pm

Meeting adjourned at 6:57pm

-Katelyn Clark, Secretary