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Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes February 6, 2018

Meeting called to order at 6.03 pm by CAB chair Sarah Dailey. Attending were Paul Hitchcock, David Gregory, Krys Lynam, Molly Smothers, and new members Collin Alexander, Shayla Ring, and Jeanette Tesmer who were welcomed by Sarah.

There being no guests, the meeting turned to business:

Old Business

CAB minutes for 8 November 2017 were reviewed and approved (Tesmer/ Ring).

Quarterly Report for October – December of 2017 was presented by Paul. The report was approved (Lynam/Smothers)

New Business

  1. With the change in Board members, a new secretary was needed.  Molly Smothers volunteered, and was approved (Alexander/Ring)
  2. Paul presented the submission of Arlo Barnette, the candidate for the CAB Student Leadership Award.  Arlo has gone over and above during his tenure with MSU, and he was unanimously approved, with enthusiasm.
  3. With Kentucky Afield coming to an end, there was a need for new programming.  NPR was able to offer us the Peabody Award winning Latino USA, airing on WMKY on Saturdays at 7 am.  This is a good fit for the station, as it also helps with WMKY’s 2018 Diversity Goals. Suggestions were made on ways to advertise this, including church bulletins and flyers targeting restaurants in the area.
  4. (also E.) Paul presented the Station Activities Report and the 2018 Diversity Report, which are required yearly by CPB. He especially highlighted the Goals for 2018 and Future Projects.

F. As of February 28th at midnight, all Public Files have to be online, as per compliance requirements of the FCC.  Certain files have date limits in the 3, 5, and 7 year terms.  This is having to be done in the station, using the limited technology available to the staff.  There is some concern, expressed by other radio managers, that this information could be used to troll stations.

G. On a brighter note, KPR has hired Bryan McFarland to solicit statewide underwriting, which includes the WMKY area.  Two new sponsors – KCTCS and Ale-8 – are already on board.

H.  The Spring Fundraiser will be from April 9-13.  The goals are, again, to raise $12,000.00 in pledges and gather 200 new members.  The Board was set with the task of seeking organizations and private citizens to offer challenges.  Emails will be sent out for volunteers to work the phones on those dates.


Next meeting date was set for 2 May, 2018.

Shayla encouraged all members to participate in the Morehead Young Professionals Organization’s canned food drive for the Soup Kitchen.  Jeanette gave an update on the happenings at the Gateway Regional Arts Center in Mt Sterling.  Collin expressed interest in working on a program having to do with environmental issues. Krys mentioned upcoming auditions for the new production by the Morehead Theatre Guild.  Also – Russian sign language, tiny cans, and thin crust pizza. 

Meeting adjourned at 7.03 pm




Molly Smothers