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Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes August 7, 2019

Board chair Krys Lynam called the meeting to order at 6:04pm.

Present were Board members Krys Lynam (chair), Jeremy Boone, Katelyn Clark (secretary), Collin Alexander (vice-chair), Jeanette Tesmer, Shayla Ring, Doug Chatham, and station manager Paul Hitchcock

CAB members absent: Carol Campbell and David Gregory


  • CAB minutes from 8 May 2019 were reviewed and approved (Alexander/Ring)
  • MSPR Quarterly Report was presented by Hitchcock (April-June 2019). CAB members congratulate the award winners. Board reviewed the reports and approved.
  • Inez Translator is off the air and turned back over to the FCC, no bidders wanted to purchase it due to its size. It was taken down and got equipment back. The frequency is open and the physical equipment was taken to surplus.


  • KBA/FCC Inspection took place in June and WMKY passed. The inspection is good for a 3 year pass of the FCC being able to come for a surprise inspection. WMKY is part of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association, so we can volunteer for an inspection every 2 years, and it is good for 3 years.
  • Morehead Theatre Guild has chosen WMKY as their community outreach partner, to receive the proceeds from the Saturday August 24th performance of Savannah Sipping Society. Board members talked about purchasing tickets to donate to students for that performance.
  • Morehead Arts and Eats Festival is coming up September 21st… Spam Fest with Greg Jenkins! Greg will send out an email soon about volunteering through donations or working the booth. All proceeds go to Rowan County Arts Center.
  • Fall Fundraiser and Membership Drive is tentatively Saturday, September 28th – Friday, October 4th. More information to come as far as volunteer opportunities. Paul is waiting to get approval, but is hoping the proceeds will go toward a new audio board for the master control room, which costs about $15-20k.
  • FY 2019-2020 budget was presented, it was finalized August 7th. Things will change throughout the year, but is a projection. First time since Paul has been GM that the budget has been under $400k.
  • Paul created a document about Underwriting that explains the benefits and more information about it. It is available online and at the front desk at MSPR
  • Programming updates:
    • Morning Edition has asked WMKY is they may use the last full hour of the locally hosted Morning Edition to put on Amazon smart speaker, Alexa. If you ask Alexa to play Morning Edition, it will play the local Morning Edition from the last hour, up until 3pm. There is no cost, and will give a promotional opportunity. This will start in October 2019.
    • Kentucky Tonight is replacing The Takeaway with Amy Walter due to content deemed biased and one-sided. Kentucky Tonight is a KET public affairs program
    • Red Barn Radio is being replaced by either Jubilee or Ozark Highlands Radio, waiting to hear about performance rights for Jubilee to decide which program it will be. Red Barn Radio’s main radio sponsor is now WEKU in Richmond, and the language used in their sponsorship mentions is not appropriate for public radio.
    • Audio Visions will be back pending student interest.

Other Comments

  • Paul shared a letter sent from Yonkers, NY that asked if he could receive a bumper sticker. He was sent a few stickers from WMKY.
  • Gateway Regional Art Center announced a partnership with South Arts to present Southern Film Circuit series. They will be a screening partner for the next season, through April.

Next meeting is scheduled for 13 November 2019 at 6pm

Meeting adjourned at 6:36pm

-Katelyn Clark, Secretary