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Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes August 2, 2017

The meeting started at 6:02pm at the Morehead State Public Radio (MSPR) office.

Steve Middleton, MSPR Advisory Board (CAB) Chair welcomed returning members.

Guest Comments

No guests were present at this meeting. However, Paul stated that the new Asst. News Director was invited, and will be attending the next meeting.

Old Business

A.)    Minutes for previous meetings were reviewed and discuss by the board.

a.       Motion made by Colby to approve and seconded by Nona. The minutes were approved by the board.

B.)    Quarterly Report for April- June 2017 was presented by Paul Hitchcock.

a.Molly noted that Sam was named “Best of Show” award, and suggested that the line says “Sam was awarded or received”. Paul stated he would make this change.

b.Paul mentioned that Sam and Courtney received job offers on the spot at the Kentucky Associated Press Awards Banquet. Nona suggested a story be submitted to the Morehead News about this and the opportunities and training they received through MSPR.

New Business

A.)    Leeann Akers has been named the new Asst. News Director

a.       Leeann started in her position on July 16, 2017

b.       She is editing and producing Mt. Edition, along with other feature stories

B.)FY 17/18

a.Paul spoke about the budget and purchasing programming

b.Paul recently received official word that Morehead State University will be covering the Asst. News Director salary, work study/ students positions and the electricity used at the station. This is a total of about $67,000-$68,000 each year.

c.MSU asked Paul to develop a list of improvements that he felt were needed. The total was $47,228.30. Paul has stated that nothing has been approved as of yet.

i.Daikin 10 Ton Commercial HVAC- WMKY Transmitter Site

ii.Repaint Metal Ice Shield- WMKY Transmitter Site

iii.18 Channel Arts R55E Audio Console- Master Control

iv.ENCO automation system upgrade- Master Control

v.Dell Workstation- Master Control

vi.ENCO DAD Automation Software- Newsroom

vii.ENCO DAD Automation Software- Announce Studio

C.)Fall Fundraiser

a.Fall Fundraiser will run October 16-October 20, 2017, this will be an on air fundraiser

b.Goal is $5,000 a day and 75 new members, with the busiest times 7:00-9:00am

c.Pre-Drive messages will be on air before the fundraiser

d.The last on-air fundraising was five (5) years ago.

D.)Audio Visions

a.Paul spoke to the board about opening air time back up to local music.

b.Paul believes that it could currently start one day a week, and increase in hours and days from there.

c.This will be for students only

d.During this time, Paul mentioned that he has made a call to NPR, concerning World Café running from 10:00pm-midnight.

E.)KBA Alternative Broadcast Inspection

a.MSPR has completed and passed an inspection. This means that no inspection will take place for three (3) years, unless a complaint is made.   

Closing Comments

Krys asked if MSPR would be attending the Arts & Eats Festival this year in Morehead. Paul stated we would be attending this year and will follow up with the appropriate person. 

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm by Molly, seconded by Colby.  

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 6:00pm.