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Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes August 1, 2018

Board chair Sarah Dailey called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.  Present were Board members Collin Alexander, Sarah Dailey, Steve O’Connor, Shayla Ring, Jeanette Tesmer, Molly Smothers, and MSPR General Manager Paul Hitchcock. {Agenda attached} 


Old Business 

CAB minutes from 2 May 2018 were reviewed and approved (Alexander/Tesmer) 

MSPR Quarterly Report was presented by Hitchcock (April – June 2018) Among the highlights: 16 awards given to MSPR staff at the KY Associated Press Awards Banquet in April, high school essays recorded for “Writer’s Day Out”, primary coverage in conjunction with Gateway Radio, and new shows {See attached} Board approved the report (Alexander/Ring) 


New Business 

4A – Leeann Akers has assumed her new position as News Director.  With $20,000 from MSU Diversity Program, two part-time positions in News/Sports have been created.  Tanner Boyd and Michael Joe Lewis were hired in July, and are now on the air. 

4B – Hitchcock distributed both the single page MSPR expenditure detail from the MSU budget and a breakdown of that budget, listing descriptions, expenses, and payment sources {Attached with a correction to the title, amending to read Morehead State Public Radio FY1819 Budget}. Current amount in savings is $166,779.00, which is higher than in recent years.  Tesmer raised a question about whether those funds could be invested (in CDs, short term yields, etc).  There was some discussion about this, including whether that was possible in light of the money being held with the MSU Foundation. ACTION: Hitchcock will check on this and get back to Board. 

4C – During the preparation of a news story, reporters were made aware that the Inez Translator (W2O2BH) was not working.  Upon further investigation, it was discovered that a tree had fallen close to the transmitter and pulled a wire.  Apparently it has been this way for some time.  ACTION: After much discussion and consideration, the Board advised unanimously that Hitchcock take a technician to Inez to actually see the situation, then to place the translator on the market. (Alexander/Tesmer)  

4D – Programming Changes include Akers’ new Friday program “Open Mic”, starting 3 August.   

As of 1 October, “Piano Jazz” will be off the air, in part due to the death of the host, Marian McPartland, on 20 August 2013.  New options are being considered to fill that time slot. 

Morning Edition’s clock has changed, which will be apparent to listeners but will not change the overall time and purpose of the program. 

4E – Morehead Arts and Eats Festival is September 15th. Ring and Tesmer volunteered inflatable palm trees and gold mannequins to add even more value to the beloved Spam Sandwich Booth. ACTION: Board is to wait upon communication from Greg Jenkins for a list of items to be volunteered and time slots to be filled. 

4F – The Fall Fundraiser and Membership Drive will be 29 October through 2 November. The Spring drive generated $21,340.00 from 172 members and 57 online pledges. ACTION: Board is to await communication from Hitchcock as to assignments. 


Ring presented Hitchcock with a wall hanging honouring the memory of his father.  It was given with love and respect by the Board. 


The next meeting was set for 7 November 2018 at 6 pm, and will include a farewell to three of the Board members whose terms expire in December of 2018: Sarah Dailey, Steve O’Connor, and Molly Smothers.  There was no formal adjournment, but the informal adjournment occurred at 7:05 pm. 


Molly Smothers, secretary