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Rowan County Fiscal Court Update

Rowan County Fiscal Court

The following message provided by the Rowan County Fiscal Court:

As you are aware, the Rowan County School District, Morehead State University and Maysville Community Technical College have suspended in-person instruction for several weeks. Many daycares have also taken similar measures.

As a result, the Rowan County Fiscal Court is temporarily adopting a more relaxed vacation and sick leave policy in order for our employees to stay home to care for their young children while maintaining the ability to perform any necessary task. We strongly encourage local business and industry to act in a similar fashion, and to operate with compassion during this trying time. If telework options are available, we encourage you to take advantage of those tools.

In the interest of public health and safety, the Rowan County Fiscal Court is asking citizens to limit visits to the Court House during this time. We are by no means closed to the public, but if you can complete what you need done online, we would encourage you to do so by visiting http://www.rcky.us

Reach us by phone if you need further assistance as we will still be here and available to you.

If you need to renew your vehicle’s registration with the County Clerk’s office, you can do so online at http://www.rowan.countyclerk.us

If you have no online ability, you can call (606) 784-5212 with a credit card and renew your registration via telephone.

The PVA Office is making every effort to provide information via telephone, fax, and/or email for private citizens or commercial entities who are endeavoring to avoid public places. They can be contacted by phone at (606) 784-5512, by fax at (606) 784-0030, or by email at carmen.swim@ky.gov.

Visitation at the Rowan County Detention Center has been suspended. Legal counsel and clergy are permitted entrance to the front lobby to videoconference with clients and parishioners. Cleaning procedures within the facility have been increased to four times daily to prevent spread within this population.

Though we currently have no confirmed cases in our county, social distancing is our absolute best option for limiting the spread. Think of this in terms of a controlled burn; when the flame runs out of fuel the fire will die out. By continuing to avoid unnecessary contacts, we limit the virus’ potential to spread and shorten the length of time that this will impact our community. Don’t travel or meet unless absolutely necessary. By doing so you put yourself, your loved ones, and community at risk.

Our local, state, and federal health authorities have recommended that people over 60 and those with underlying chronic health conditions avoid public contact as much as possible. We understand that this raises the need for these affected individuals to still receive essential groceries, supplies, and non-narcotic prescriptions.

We have been in direct contact with almost all of the local groceries and pharmacies in the area. They have assured us that they are more than happy to work with you to meet these needs. This is a special circumstance calling for special measures, and we appreciate their willingness. Call the ones you use and ask what procedures are in place when the need arises. We would ask that you take care of your elderly and neighbors by picking these things up for them and leaving them at their doorstep.

We are one team and one community. Help your neighbor where you can, remain calm, and we will weather this storm together.

Paul Hitchcock earned his Masters in Communications from Morehead State University and Bachelors in Radio-TV/Psychology from Georgetown College. A veteran broadcaster for more than 40 years and an avid fan of blues, jazz and American roots music. Hitchcock has been with WMKY since 1986 and was named General Manager in 2003. He currently hosts "Muddy Bottom Blues" (Fri., 8pm-9pm), "Nothin' But The Blues" (Sat., 8pm-12am), "Sunday Night Jazz Showcase" and "Live From The Jazz Lounge" (Sun., 8pm-9pm) and "The Golden Age of Radio" (Sun., 2pm-3pm). He also serves as producer for "A Time For Tales" and "The Reader's Notebook."